Q: The configuration tool doesn't play the Closed/Open position correctly.
A: Make sure about all of the following requirements:
  • All the build is linked. There are NO separate prims.
  • You have used the NAME field to specify the door name.
  • The name in the prim coincides EXACTLY with the one in the notecard.
    Remember that "Main Door", "Main door" and "main door" are *different* names.
  • There are NO leading or trailing spaces in the prim name.

Q: The configuration stage worked fine, but now some of my doors don't work. Some prims move, others don't.
A: Make sure that you didn't use a door name longer than 60 characters in the configuration stage.

Q: The configuration stage worked fine, but now some of my doors don't work. The prims move... but not as recorded.
A: Make sure that lag didn't cause the order of some of the lines to be swapped. Check the «THE "[Black Tulip] Door Controller v2 ~CFG~" NOTECARD FORMAT, IN DETAIL» section and the "PER-GROUP DOOR PARAMETERS" as well as "INDIVIDUAL PRIM PARAMETERS" subsections for more information.

Q: My build goes wonky when I open a door.
A: Make sure that the root prim is not part of a door.

Q: My doors don't seem to open/close.
A: Check the "[Black Tulip] Door Controller v2 ~CFG~" notecard. If values for the open and closed state are the same, this means that in the configuration stage, by mistake, the buttons "Save Closed" and "Save Open" were clicked without changing the doors themselves. Use the recovery procedure, as explained under the "THE CONFIGURATION TOOL, IN DETAIL" section, "EXTRAS: MISCELLANEOUS FUNCTIONS" subsection, "Restore Data" option.

Q: I hear no sound when the doors open/close. What could be going wrong?
A: Make sure of all the following requirements:
  • There's a sound clip on the "Content" tab of the prim with the script named EXACTLY as in the notecard.
  • Your sounds aren't muted.
  • Your viewer has had a chance to cache the sounds (play them twice to be sure).
  • The volume is turned up.

Q: The access mode is set to "White List", but some of the people in my white list aren't able to operate the configuration tool/doors.
A: Make sure that the avatar name is written correctly. Remember that legacy names are CASE SENSITIVE.

Q: Some doors seem not to work on collision.
A: Make sure that the floors aren't linked to the build with doors.

Q: While saving the closed/open state, or when I click "CONFIRM!", the script crashes with a "stack heap collision" error and now all my work is lost. I want a refund.
A: While I'm sorry that you've lost your work, I can't be held responsible of the consequences derived from not reading the documentation I provide with the tool, in its full extension. Likely, you hit the limits described under the "LIMITS" section of this documentation. Consider reading the explanation of the backup "Output Data" function from the configuration tool, as explained in the "THE CONFIGURATION TOOL, IN DETAIL" section. Also, when reaching the limits of the configuration tool, you may want to try out the tips explained in the "ADVANCED USE TIPS" section.