Monday, October 14, 2013

Multi-Door/Drawer/Curtain Tool v2

:: BLACK TULIP Multi-Door/Drawer/Curtain Tool v2 ::
Control Multiple Doors, Drawers and Curtains with a Single Low-Lag Script

By Auryn Beorn (2011-10)
VERSION 2: October 2013

Documentation: October 2011 by Auryn Beorn & Ansel Artful
Revised for v2, October 2013
Beta-test: Auryn Beorn, Meg Madrigal, Sei Lisa

Thank you for having considered this script to enhance the quality of your products. This tool will let you control the doors/drawers/etc. in your linked build, all with a single script. Please read the following instructions carefully, especially the ones explaining which permissions to apply to the scripts for the next owner. Failure to complete this task INVALIDATES the license governing your use of this set of scripts.

Should you have any problems using this tool after reading the documentation and having tried out the Step-by-Step Guide first with the sample object, then with your own build, complete the Scripts Assistance Form to request assistance. Please make sure you fill in the entire report! I can help only when you provide me with complete and accurate information.

NOTE: The online documentation of this tool is organized in separate tabs that you can find at the top of this website. Don't be afraid because of the length of the documentation. Start with the "OVERVIEW" and "STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE" sections, which guide you through the minimum options you need to know to start working. After that, you may read the rest of the documentation, which gives you all the details for an advanced use of the tool. Check those after you've familiarized yourself with the basic use of the script; there are some neat features that will be really helpful and save you a lot of work!

Keep in mind that all tools, especially in SL, have limits imposed by the platform, and there might be other limitations set in place so the tool is designed to use as few resources as possible. Please check the "Limits" section of this documentation in case of any doubt. There's also a "Troubleshooting" section: check it first if you have problems, and if your problem isn't listed there, then use the Scripts Assistance Form linked before.

This item contains a gesture named "[Black Tulip] Proof Of Purchase - DoorController v2" and created by Black Tulip (BlackTulipOwner Resident). Keep a copy of this asset! You will need it in order to get re-deliveries and updates for this tool.

The script contains a license check to prevent accidental give-aways.

If you haven't set permissions correctly in your inventory, then you will need this asset in your item, in order to work with the script. When your item is ready to release, adjust permissions for next owner correctly, and then remove the proof of purchase.

If permissions have not been set and the proof of purchase is not in the object, the script will self delete!

The best way to ensure you set permissions correctly is by doing it NOW in your inventory. This way, you will not have to worry about the proof of purchase.


IMPORTANT: For reasons that are explained in the "THE CONFIGURATION TOOL, IN DETAIL" section, "SCULPT PRIMS: WHAT ABOUT THEM?" subsection, whenever our build has sculpt prims AND we want to have the door controller swapping sculpts, the configuration tool we'll be using is the alternative configuration tool script, also included in your package: "[Black Tulip] Configure Doors v2 + SCULPTS". PLEASE make sure to read the referenced section to understand why this is necessary and exactly how to do it.


Linked doors that open and close are one of the most common nightmares, so to speak, when building in Second Life. Doors that rotate, doors that are made of more than one prim, doors that slide... We usually find ourselves looking for all kinds of scripts to set them. The purpose of the Black Tulip Multi-Door/Drawer/Curtain Tool is to offer an easy-to-use interface, so even if you have no scripting knowledge at all, just knowing how to edit linked parts, and how to edit a notecard, you'll be able to set up the doors/drawers/etc in your own projects. The result will be a single script that will control all the doors, drawers or curtains you've included in your build.

Low lag linked doors, drawers and curtains made easy!

  • Door Controller script configurable by Notecard
  • Configure Doors script automatically generates configuration Notecard text
  • Works with swinging doors, sliding doors, windows, curtains, drawers, lids that open and close...
  • Multiple objects controlled with single script (low lag)
  • Objects can be controlled individually, or grouped to operate together
  • It records changes of:
    • Position
    • Rotation
    • Size (New in V2)
    • Sculpt Prim (New in V2)
    Please read about the limitations, related to licenses and permissions in SL.
    This is explained under the "THE CONFIGURATION TOOL, IN DETAIL" section of this documentation, "SCULPT PRIMS: WHAT ABOUT THEM?" subsection.
  • Optionally plays sound file when activated
  • Each door, separately, can be opened by touch, collision, or both (New in V2)
  • Provides complete access control (owner only/everybody/group/white list) per group of prims (New in V2) per group
  • We can decide for some prims in a group not activating the door (New in V2) useful for Murphy's beds for example
  • Scripting interface communicates with other scripts: This allows you to integrate the controller within scripts like AVsitter, MLPv2... (New in V2)
  • Group work: You can now allow your alts using the configure tool, if you need so (New in V2)
  • New notecard format in v2, avoids issues with the llGetNotecardLine scripting function, which was affecting doors made of a large number of prims
  • The finished build may have prims unlinked/relinked. This will NOT require you to set up the whole build again (New in V2)
  • The configuration tool may read a finished notecard so you can MODIFY AN EXISTING BUILD you may have completed and want now to rework (New in V2)


By acquiring this package, you agree to:
  • Use the "[Black Tulip] Door Controller v2" script in your own products AFTER having set its permissions for NEXT OWNER to either:
  • NOT give away under any circumstance, any of the scripts contained in this box.

This script is EXCLUSIVELY for use in items you sell/gift: you are responsible for any misuse. Always check here for the latest updated license.
Documentation about how to change permissions is also available online. If you're new to understanding the permissions system, then this tutorial is a MUST READ!


  • Do not resize the build. Only prims whose size changes by the controller are allowed to have their size changing, and only by the script changing it.
  • Sculpt prims. If you haven't read the "THE CONFIGURATION TOOL, IN DETAIL" section of this documentation, "SCULPT PRIMS: WHAT ABOUT THEM?" subsection, please do it, to understand the limits associated with sculpts.
  • The configuration tool can manipulate a safe maximum of 32 DOOR PRIMS. Those 32 prims can be linked in a build of the maximum size, 256 prims, without problems.
    NOTE: You can check the "ADVANCED USE TIPS" section for a tip on how to bypass this limit until reaching the controller limit itself.
  • The CONTROLLER can handle a safe maximum of 48 DOOR PRIMS. Those 48 prims can be linked in a build of the maximum size, 256 prims, without problems.

NOTE: "Safe maximum" means that, if each one of your doors is composed of not too many prims (4-5 prims per door), then the script may handle a few more of them.

-- Auryn Beorn